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5 Mozilla Firefox Hacks for Tablet Users

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Android tablets sale cheap is the best place where you can quench your thirst for having a quality gadget. No matter whatever gadget you are using, you need to surf the stuff online on it for which browser is required. Most popular internet browsers are Google, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. People love to use any of these as per their convenience. However, there also exist some other browsers which are considered by folks too.

Let’s see the Mozilla Firefox hacks that you should know: 

Clever Keyboard Options:

Why not get clever with the keyboard. Type some significant characters or use the keys in the best possible ways to gain the desired outcome. It is quite simple. F5 is the right key for you to refresh, and with the simultaneous pressing of Ctrl and T, you would be able to open up the new tab.

Not only this. But the spacebar button is useful to be pressed when you want to page down. Last but not least is the pressing of Ctrl and F simultaneously for finding purpose. Android tablets sale cheap is ample to thrill your life.Android tablets sale cheap

Reader Mode:

A beneficial hack about the Mozilla Firefox is to switch to the reader mode. You can do so quite easily by clicking on the book symbol, which can be found conveniently when you have a closer look at the address bar. Whenever you want to read articles, then you should consider switching to this Mode. Such a worthy option is not available in keyboard buttons. So, you have to do this by approaching the book symbol and clicking on it. 

Full Screen:

Android tablets aremeant to facilitate your kids in their studies and also to kick out their boredom in leisure time. Rapidly switch to the full-screen option while watching movies or playing games etc. This is massively simple and can be done in one click only. Simply press F11 and enjoy the full screen instantly.

Say Goodbye to Cache:

Building up of lots of cache memory burden your tablet. Hence, the tablet users should rush towards clearing the cache, especially if they are fond of extensive web exploring. Searching cache through the systematic process is quite hectic. Hence, you must know the hack for it.

Simply go to the address bar and now type about:preferences#advanced. It would direct you to cache settings. Get it cleared form there in the wink of an eye and enjoy speed loaded web surfing.

Search Results in New Tab:

Android tablets sale cheap is worthy of buying so keep your hands on it as early as you like. It is quite tiresome to open a new tab every time. Avoid such manual trouble by using the simple hack. You can enjoy opening up the search results in a new tab whenever you click on them. How? Well, it is pretty simple! Simply modify the settings of so that on double click, a new tab is opened automatically.

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