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Apple Beats Solo Pro!

apple beats solo pro

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For those of you who have no clue why we are talking about, you should know that Apple purchased the beats company 5 years ago and since then Beats in working as a daughter company under Apple. After Apple purchased beats, we have seen its quality and its designs getting higher and they have collaborated to create amazing devices. 

Design and Feel of the Headset!

The apple beats solo pro is one of a kind. It has been launched recently a few weeks ago and is one of the first on headset launched by Apple. It comes with a sleek and delicate design, and Apple has launched it in six beautiful colors. It is said to be the sturdiest design that beats have ever produced. It can be configured and connected to devices having IOS 13 in it.Apple Beats Solo Pro

Wireless Device!

The apple beats solo pro headset is chargeable and comes with a 22-hour battery timing. You can easily charge them with the charger that comes with it and it is said to be supporting a fast charging feature. You can charge it for an hour and use it straight for 22 hours. This is the best part of the beats solo pro, you can save yourself from all the wire work and can enjoy your headset as it is.

Pure Active Noise Cancellation!

The apple beats solo pro have the all-new pure active noise cancellation feature; the noise cancellation feature was introduced first in hand frees with Samsung but the sound quality of beats is unmatchable. The pure active noise cancellation feature helps you reduce any foreign noises to zero. Apple Beats Solo Pro


Transparency feature in the beats solo has taken the quality of music to a whole other level. You can enjoy the purity of the music, and it amplifies the sound and the track to the maximum giving you the feeling of the arena.

Fit and Comfortable!

Unlike every other headset the apple beats solo pro headset is super comfortable and can never give you ear rash if you even wear it for twenty-two hours straight. This is one of the biggest achievements a headset company can have, obviously it is all about wearing the set and listening to music, and that should be made comfortable enough for the user who is paying 300$ for this device.

Give us your feedback and how you felt the change after using it with your iPhone and iPad.

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