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Your guide to check IP Blacklist and Removal


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A blacklist becomes a real-time database of domains or IP addresses. Protect your tablet from these IP addresses. These are suspicious addresses for sending malicious or spam content. Several internet service providers consult these blacklist databases to filter emails for users within their network. 

Remember, sending domain or IP address on a blacklist can be different from small nuisances to email campaigns. Email marketers need this list for better deliverability. They should understand the reasons for a link in this list. 

Functions of Blacklists

Internet companies often work with abuse prevention systems in the mail. They are responsible for monitoring domains and IP addresses. If you want to protect the IP of your tabletmake sure to keep it away from spamming. Your IP address must not be a part of these databases. ISPs often use these databases to filter emails for their customers. They do this to protect the mailbox users from spamming.

After sending an email, your IP address of the SMTP server will be logged. It permits you to receive mail servers to determine the sender of an email. This sender can be discriminated for sending bad, or useful emails see the simple process:

  • After sending an email to Kelly Smith from
  • The email server of Kelly will determine your IP address (for instance, and resolve it in a domain name.
  • The mail server of Kelly checks both the IP and domain against a database (for domains/IP) in the blacklist. 
  • If the domain or IP address is blacklisted, your email will land in the junk/spam mail folder without scanning the content of the email.

A domain or IP that is marked as a spam sender (repetitive) can be treated carefully. The spam filters of ISP will reject messages from this domain. It means it will not reach even in the spam filter of Kelly.


 Reasons Behind a Blacklisted IP

Relay servers, hosts of particular websites, and spamming software can be a part of blacklists. Some blacklists can add domains and IP addresses based on consistent unsolicited emails from their address. Their complaint rate can be the reason to send them in the backlist. You must not use your tablet for these activities. Spam complaints may happen for different reasons:

A recipient is receiving emails without subscribing to the list.

A link to unsubscribe these emails is unavailable.

A receiver receives several emails.

The recipients forgot opting for a list.

Content is irrelevant from the expectations of the recipient.

Remember, <0.01% complaint rate is acceptable. With a higher number of complaints, the mailbox providers will filter the emails to spam folders and even block them entirely. Poor list of email hygiene may increase the chances of blacklisting issues. Make sure to activate the spam email filters of your tabletIf you are sending messages to inactive or old email addresses, it can be a spam trap for you.

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