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Things you Must Check Before installing a New Windows in Your PC

New Windows on your computer

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These updates will help you use the latest features. Remember, it is possible to install Windows 10 on your android tablet. You have to make some changes and adjustments. It is a separate debate, but here you will learn how to prepare your PC to install a new windows.

Microsoft offers Windows 10 with lots of unique features. If you want to install and reinstall a new operating system on your computer, you have to do some preparations.

Document Settings, Passwords and Login IDs

You can’t depend on your browser to store different passwords. After reinstalling your windows, you will not be able to recover these passwords. For this reason, prepare a spreadsheet to protect your passwords. 

Your browser is not a good place to keep passwords and IDs for different websites. If you don’t have Excel software, feel free to note down your passwords on a piece of paper. Some apps are available to protect your IDs and passwords.

New Windows on your computer

Export Your Address Book and Email

It is essential to export your contacts and e-mail from Outlook, Outlook Express and MS Mwhoall. Feel free to export emails from different mailboxes. Choose, sent items, outbox, drafts and inbox. In this way, you can keep your data secure.

Download the Latest Drivers and Applications

Remember, device can be a great source of storing data. After installing new windows, you have to install appropriate drivers and other things. Make sure to protect your data and essential software on an android tablet.

Auto Update (Motherboard Particular Drivers)

  • Onboard sound
  • Chipset and System (Intel)
  • Onboard LAN
  • Onboard Video (motherboards)

Numerous computer vendors and motherboard manufacturers offer special drivers. Remember, your hardware components need these drivers to work. Make sure to save these drivers or get their update version from the official website of the manufacturer. You will need drivers for these components:

  • Video card
  • Sound card
  • RAID (RAID-controller card, JMicron RAID, Matrix RAID)
  • Modem
  • Other exclusive devices

Make sure to check the type of sound card, video card, RAID, and other devices. You will need special drivers to wholesale tablet pc distributor. With a RAID, you will need a special storage controller and driver. 

Backup and Cleaning

After saving and arranging drivers, you have to clean up your hard drive. Delete unwanted and unneeded files from your hard drive. After cleaning up, you can backup the necessary data. Backup apps will help you to secure your data.

Before starting an installation procedure, you have to keep your valuable data secure. Your hard drive must have sufficient storage to install a new window. The device may help you backup important files, drives, documents and apps. You can use this slate as additional support.

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