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Increase Your Battery Life on Your Laptop

laptop andorid

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For your personal and official tasks, you will need a laptop andoridThese machines are incomplete without an impressive battery life. To increase your efficiency, you will need a laptop or tablet with a powerful battery. From gaming to documentation, everything is impossible without battery. Here are some tricks to increase the battery life of your slate and notebook.

Battery Performance Slider

You will get a battery performance slider with wholesale windows tablets. It will help you to make different adjustments. Feel free to use the best performance mode if you are looking for responsiveness and performance. Windows will run apps in the background in this mode.

To limit resources for background applications, you can choose better performance settings. This setting prioritizes power on efficiency. Optimize the battery of your device with these options.

Better battery mode can be a default setting in your windows. Several computers recommend this setting. You can use a battery saver mode because this slider choice is available in PC. It is possible to access this mode after unplugging your computer. 

This mode will decrease the brightness of the display by almost 30%. Moreover, it will prevent updates downloads from windows and stop syncing of mail app. Battery saver will not allow apps to run in the background.

laptop andorid

Simplify Your Work

If you want to play a local video file, stop distractions by notifications. You can avoid notifications in a battery saver mode. Make sure to change your habits, such as open an app at a time and close everything else. Before watching a YouTube video, close everything else. 

Avoid multitasking with your devicesIf you need a shortcut to stop other activities, use airplane mode. It will stop wireless signals, but apps will run in the background.

Close Batter Hungry Apps

Multiple processes and apps running on the system can chew your battery life. Open a “Task Manager” to analyze the status of different programs. It will help you to check apps that are affecting your battery life. 

To save the battery of your laptop, you have to stop power hogging apps. See the procedures in startup and stop these programs. Through this procedure, you can protect your battery. Make sure to activate a battery saver mode to avoid troubles.

Adjust Display and Graphics Settings

Make sure that your apps are not using a separate GPU. With an influential graphics processor, you can enhance gaming performance. Nowadays, laptops feature NVidia GeForce graphics. You can make the necessary adjustments to decrease their battery use. Allocate a separate GeForce chip to photo and video editing apps and games. 

If you want a shortcut, check-in “Automatic Graphics Switching”. It will decrease the need for fine-tuned controls for each program.

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