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5 Top Design Apps you must have in your Tablet

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Tablet AppsAre you looking for the best designing tablet apps?

We are going to give a quick overview of some fine apps that let you draw, design, and sketch without a hitch. These apps are specifically designed for tablets, not smartphones. 


This app gives you access to six different tools. These tools let you color, add some animations, and sketch to your content. Moreover, you can create up to 3 layers and manage them however you want. The non-transparency part gives you an edge as it lets you take the final picture to another place. 

Another benefit of this Paperless Tablet Apps is it lets you share your content on social media right away. Yes, it features plugins that let you share across different social media platforms at the push of a button. 


This app is not created for the experience of designer or artists. Instead, it’s designed for people who want to start sketching and want an assist. If you download this app, you will see it features different tutorials; this shows you how you can get things done. These tutorials are divided into different difficulty levels. 

Best TabletsJust like Paperless. This app lets you share your content across Social media with just a click of a button. If you want to learn how to sketch and you want to share your progress, you don’t need other tablet apps. 

AutoCAD 360

Designers and architects use this app. It’s a professional app, so no jokes here. This is a powerful app which lets you edit AutoCAD drawings despite where you are. The name shows this app is oriented towards technical design. 

AutoCAD has been a staple of designing apps for a while, and the Android version doesn’t leave anything to be desired. The only downside is this app takes too much time for a first timer to learn its interface and features. 

Sketchbook Pro

This sketching tablet apps is for pro users. The previous sketching app we discussed is meant for the casual user. If you wanted to create stunning designs, this is the app for you. It doesn’t lack any functionality. This app can give desktop sketching applications tough competition.  

This tool lets you use a different pencils and brushes. You have more than 100 options here. If you have a stylus, you can put it to work. 


This app is designed to help the artist and designer create content with attention to detail. It lets you adjust colors, brightness, saturation, and other things. There are different layers that you can blend. You can also save your stuff in a variety of formats such as PNG, JPG, etc. 

Is not a vector graphics app, but it lets you create drawings on your tablet. It’s one of the best tablet apps which features, canvas, undo/redo system, layers and other tools. You can also import images to canvas and add some special effects. 

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