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Things You Need to Find for a High-Performance Tablet

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refurbished tabletsWhen it comes to buying refurbished tablets or new ones, there are a few things you need to mind.

Following, we are going to give you a quick guide for what stuff you should look for when you are buying a tablet. These guidelines will help you get a good device for your money. 

Operating System

There are three options, Windows, iOS, and Android. iOS is used on iPhone and Android is used on most phones offered by Samsung, HTC, Vivo, OPPO, Sony, Motorola, and other brands. Windows was used by Nokia and a few other major brands, but it was a success with smartphones

This is not the case with Tablets. Windows 10 is by far the most powerful OS available. These tablets feature a full version of Windows 10; this gives you great functionality. Android and iOS are also great options, but they are geared towards casual use, not professional use.  Don’t forget to look for the OS when buying refurbished tablets.

android wholesale tabletsStorage

Most tablets come with expandable storage. It lets you add more space in your device with MicroSD card; it’s an affordable option to increase storage space. Apple doesn’t allow you to add storage; there is nothing worse than your device becoming difficult to use just because you have run out of space. 

If you download many apps and content, you should mind your storage and adjust your files as needed. Today, you should at least have 256GB of space with expandable option to keep the device usable for years to come. 

Screen Size

 This is very important. It affects the size and weight of your device. Some questions you want is to consider are how you can carry it around, will this device fit into your bag, will you carry it around in your office or somewhere else, or are you going to use it only at your home? These are important questions you need to answer to evaluate your use. Mind the size when buying refurbished tablets.

Another question you should answer is, do you expect your tablet to replace your laptop? Usually, tablets vary in size, which starts from 7 inches and go up to 12 inches. These are versatile. Larger tablets can go up to 13 inches and more. It’s important that you consider what size you want.

Apart from the size of the screen, the resolution is also very important. It dominates the quality of your user experience, so you need to keep it in mind!


Tablets support detachable keyboards. Sometimes, the keyboard is added in the case. Other times you must purchase one on your own. These help to improve the functionality of your device. If you want to do some real office work, you can do it with refurbished tablets.

If you attach a keyboard with your tablet, you will find the functionality of a PC. There are several other accessories that you can use with your tablet. Just look for a docking station as it will allow you to connect your tablet with several other accessories. There are different accessories like dual monitor, mouse, printer, and other such items. They help you improve the productivity of your device.

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