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Best Small Screen Tablets with Keyboards

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tablet computer cheapestIf you want the tablet computer cheapest that can use a keyboard, then you should check out this list. We are naming the best tablet devices that can support a physical keyboard regardless of whether it’s an entry-level device or a premium device. These devices give you an incredible price to performance ratio. 

Amazon Fire HD 8

If you are not a fan of Google Apps, then this is the tablet computer cheapest you can get without breaking your bank. It’s worth the extra spending over the Fire 7 as it has a larger and better screen. You can use Alexa Hands-Free and Pair Fire HD 8 with a show mode dock. This helps you get a smart display for casual use. If you want to watch prime video on it, then this tablet will help you do that. 

IPad Mini 4

The iPad Mini 4 is available in 128GB. It starts at a mid range price; it’s one of the best devices available. This device has an excellent screen with exceptional build quality and battery life. Let’s not forget this tablet is equipped with Apple’s wealth of apps. You are not going to be disappointed if you can afford this device. 

Apple IpadThis is an excellent device from Apple that comes in small size but doesn’t compromise on performance and specs. 

You can easily pair this device with a keyboard; it connects with different wireless peripherals. 

Huawei MediaPad M3

This is an excellent tablet computer cheapest. It’s a compact version of M6, yes it makes some compromises here and there, but this device is excellent. It doesn’t compromise on performance or anything else. 

You can find this device for under 50 bucks. It can easily connect with keyboard, and another accessory shall you need it. It runs a quad-core processor with 3GB RAM and long battery life. This device is excellent if you want a cheap solution for your daily use and needs. 

Xiaomi Mi Pad 3

This Chinese company has made a name for itself based on producing affordable and reliable smartphones. The company is not behind in tablet race. This tablet is a great solution if you want a mid-range device which can give popular brands a run for their money; it runs the latest and greatest features with latest android version.

The build quality doesn’t lack much. It will last you for years to come. So don’t worry about the shelf life. 

Lenovo Tab3 8 Plus

This is one of the best Lenovo devices you can grab for cheap. Its strong point is the price to performance ratio. The tablet gives you value for your money. You are getting some premium features for $150.  The device is excelling whether you want to consume content, surf the internet, or if you need something to do light work. It runs the latest version of Android. The processing power, storage, and RAM aren’t lacking. It’s an excellent option if you want a tablet computer cheapest.



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