Why You Need an Android Tablet Instead of an iPad

The Android vs. iPad: Which one is better is still going on. But if you want to buy cheap android tablet deals, and you are not sure which one is better, we are giving you the following reasons to explain why Android has the upper hand.  Better Specs Size does matter. Android tablets generally have […]

These Three Cheap Android Tablets Let You Watch Movies in HD and HDR

If you are looking for an answer to question what is the best cheap android tablet, then look no further. We are here with the list of the three lowest priced Android tablets that come with great specifications. They offer very good random-access memory (RAM), graphics processing unit (GPU), processor, camera, lightweight durable body, and […]

How Useful is the Cheap 14 Inch Tablet?

Are you trying to figure out what the perfect size is for a tablet? Keep in mind what you will be using your tablet for. If your wanting a tablet for mostly entertainment purposes, a 14 inch tablet Android can be an ideal choice. Without a doubt, tablets offer amazing power, size, style, and portability. […]

Best 10-inch Android Tablet: A Guide to Find Attractive Deals

If you are looking for a device that will become your companion at every place you go, then you must look for the device that is both useful and economical for you. The best price 10-inch android tablet that can prove to be multitasking for you is not just one choice. You can find many […]

6 Tips for Buying Android Tablets Wholesale

If you want to buy android tablets wholesale, you need to keep a few things in mind. We are going to give you a brief guide about what features you should look for when buying your tablet. These guidelines will help you make the best choice to meet your needs. 1. Realize Your Needs Why […]

5 Best Ways to Make Your 7 inch Android Tablet Better

7-inch android tablets are better for office work, as they have enough space for Windows apps. However, your personal preference matters a lot. If cost-effectiveness is your primary concern,  you should browse websites to pick 7-inch android tablets for sale. It can be incredibly frustrating if you spend a hundred dollars on the Android tablet, […]

Top 5 Sketching and Drawing Apps for Android Tablets

Tablets with their large display are ideal for creating artworks and designing. Most of the modern tablet models come with a stylus that makes it easy to create drawings or sketches. In fact, the availability of various sketch and photo editing apps can help turn an iPad into a creative platform for producing works of […]

How to Disable Autocorrect and Predictive Text Feature on your Android Tablet

While typing on Android tablets, most of us will become frustrated with the autocorrect and predictive text feature operating in the background. It can actually hamper the speed by which we type and result in adding words that we never expect to include in the typed text. However, the customizable features of Android allow you […]

Android Tablet Users will Soon be Able to Use YouTube TV

Reports from several reliable sources claim that the immensely popular YouTube TV app has finally earned support for Android tablets. The official confirmation about the same was made quietly a few days earlier through the official YouTube TV Twitter account. However, neither the officials from the YouTube TV app nor any of the Android tablet […]

How to Turn your Android Tablet into a Notification Center

With the Nova launcher, you will not miss any of the notifications on your device, as the app will let you convert the home screen of your refurbished tablet into a notification hub. Nova launcher.apk can be downloaded from Google Play Store. Once you download the app, launch Nova launcher and navigate to Settings > […]