Learn how to multitask on your tablet

7 inch Android 6 Tablet

Nowadays, it is possible to do multitasking on 7” Android 6 Tablet. There is no need to buy two tablets to get more done at once. With the latest devices and apps, it is now possible to multitask easily. Download and install multitasking apps on your tablet. Here are some prominent features to use already on […]

Learn how to use a graphics tablet and pen

android tablet 9 inch 16gb

Do you have a new tablet for graphic design? Is it difficult for you to use the pen? Do you need a mouse with your android tablet 9 inch 16gb? You are not alone because several people find it challenging to use a pen with their tablet. They may find it unnatural to use a pen on […]

Things to do if Your Tablet’s Screen Got Cracked

android tablet 9 inch screen

Cracks on the android tablet 9 inch screen can be horrible. Even with gorilla glass, a significant drop can crack the screen of your tablet. In this situation, people may start panicking. They don’t know what to do with a crack screen. Here are some steps to repair a cracked screen. Evaluate the Damage In the first […]

How to Find the Best Tablet Sales Online?

android tablets sale cheap

Do you want a reliable place to buy cheap tablets? Fortunately, you can find numerous dealers offering android tablets sale cheap. It is possible to get cheap deals for tablets. Anyone can get discounts on Android, iPad, and Windows tablets. Here are some tips for finding the best deals online. Use a Secure Connection for […]

Microsoft Surface vs. Android Tablets – What Should I choose?

who buys android tablets

We use tablets for a variety of reasons. We watch movies, send e-mails, check out social media, and so much more. The options are limitless. You don’t really need to ask who buys android tablets. Tablets have turned out to be closely associated with laptops for their incredible functions that are up-graded after each addition. […]

How to Update your Tablet Android Version

Are you going to buy a 14-inch tablet android? It is an excellent idea to purchase a wonderful item that you can use for a long time. To attain the best Android traits and ensure the gadget is safe, a user should run the latest version. It is not possible all the time that you […]

How to Find the Android Version of your Tablet?

Do you have an android tablet? Do you know android 4.4 KitKat tablet price and version? Android tablets and phones are not up-to-date all the time. You should have complete knowledge about the current version of your Android tablet. It is often useful to know which version is working on your tablet. In this way, […]

5 Best Reading Apps for your Tablet

Parents are now buying android tablets sale cheap for their children to read books. Many eBook reader applications are available to replace traditional printed books. It is an easy way to read books on your tablet. Several apps come with free books so you can read them immediately. There is no need to visit a […]

Top 5 Apps for an Architect’s tablet

Tablets are becoming essential and useful tools for people to organize their daily activities. Architects need top cheap android tablets because they can install special architecture apps. These apps are necessary for designing any planning tasks. Be sure to buy a tablet with sufficient storage. Here are the five best apps you should have in […]

Top 5 Tablets for Writers with Keyboards under $200

What are the best Cheap High Quality Android Tablets under $200? This is a tough question. We are going to mention the best tablets available, in this price range, which you can connect with a keyboard as well.  Samsung Galaxy Tab A Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the best Cheap High Quality Android Tablets […]