Android Or Windows Tablet Which Is Better?

Are you a fan of Windows or Android? No matter which side you choose, you always go through all of them before buying a tablet for yourself.  Choosing from the wide variety of tablets is a tough call, and to pull you out of that situation, we at wholesale tablets have gone through the research […]

Which iPad Is Best for You in 2022?

Who doesn’t like to have accessories that make work a lot easier? Surely a tablet is one such appliance that works almost or is better than a laptop but is handier than a cellphone.  In connection with this, the iPad tops the chart. The powerful, sophisticated and wonderful touchscreen tablet, the iPad, has made a […]

The Best Gaming Tablets In 2022

It is great to find that tablets ease our workload. It was just seen as a working tablet, but it is also much more than that. The tablet also serves the gaming purpose very well.  Because of the vast gaming industry and continuous technological development, gaming tablets have a craze.  Sometimes it creates confusion among […]

How Tablets Are Helping Hospitality Industry

We all know that with technological advancement, it is quite evident that the changes in one can affect every industry as one industry is somehow connected with the other.  With covid, the hospitality industry was affected majorly and hit low profits. So, with time passing by, technology has by far impacted the hospitality industry drastically. […]

7 Reasons Why Tablets Are Better Than Your Smartphones

We all are living in a world where we are surrounded by Tech products and services. We can’t deny them use as we are much dependent on them and it seems that the ball is in their court. But they are offering us pretty much higher advantages that certainly overrule the disadvantages they possess. Keeping […]

Here’s Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is a Must-Buy

It is quite evident how our life has been changed so drastically with the involvement of technology. Every one of us goes through this- either reads an article or finishes up the presentation while on our way to our office. But do you still use your heavy laptop for this?  Tablet is one such thing […]

Why You Should Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 4?

Managing both laptop and tablet at the same time can be so hectic. While they both function quite similarly, laptops can’t be taken away anywhere because they aren’t handy as tablets are. They are so portable that you can attend your office meeting from wherever you wish. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is such one gadget […]

Why You Must Experience Samsung Tablet At Least Once in Your Lifetime

We all know that working on a tablet is much easier and more affordable than working on a laptop. Especially for the people that have to carry that heavy laptop bag daily to their workplaces, it is much of a hectic task. Imagine going to the office with a just tablet in hand while it […]

Why You Really Need a Tablet In 2022

Working on tablets has now become so popular that people end up buying tablets for their offices rather than buying a laptop or PC. Given that, tablets are portable yet cheaper than a laptop, perform every function of a laptop.  And having a tablet that functions the same or more than a laptop or PC […]

How Renting iPad For Your Business Is a Good Idea

Be it your business presentation, daily office operations, or regular business meetings, you can’t move an inch without being dependent on technology. Not just this, heavy business operations demand more of such tech products that can evenly delegate the work among the employees, keeping in mind that it doesn’t hamper productivity. Now when just laptops […]