Why Should You Rent Android Tablet?

If you’re looking for an alternative to an iPad, an Android tablet can be the better solution, especially because of its seamless integration with the Google ecosystem. Renting Android tablets from reputed dealers can offer features like a fast browser, cloud synchronization, and easy access to the latest Google apps. Additionally, it allows busy professionals […]

Pc Temperatures: How Hot is Too Hot for Gaming Laptops?

Now the hot topic of today is actually very hot, and if you don’t want your gaming laptop to heat up, then you must read the details of the temperature issue in detail. But this is yet another fact that the tablets can help you in saving a lot of cost in the short and […]

How to Unlock Your Android Phone Screen Without the Power Button?

If your power button is not working or is broken on your android phone, then you can easily use these steps to open or unlock your phone without pressing the power button. People usually start thinking about getting a new device when theirs acts up, but they really don’t know that they can keep using […]

How to Activate Do Not Disturb While Driving on Android?

Don’t Disturb on Android

Using your phone while driving is not good because it can increase the chances of an accident. For this reason, you are advised to keep your phone silent. Nowadays, smartphones, are available with special features. You can activate “Do Not Disturb” on android while driving.  Settings for Android If you want to enable this mode […]

5 Best USB-C Game Controllers for Android

android and iOS

With these tablets, you can connect your game controllers. These game controllers will help you to play your favorite games.  Several game controllers are available for android users to play games. These are enough to connect with an operating system of android tablets. A smartphone or tablet with a game controller will help you to […]

Remove Crappy Adware Apps from Android Devices

Android Devices

Remember, each android device comes with crappy adware apps. wholesale computer tablets users have more than 42 adware filled apps. For the protection of your device, you have to remove these apps immediately. These apps look normal at your first glance. You may find them harmless because these are doing small tasks.  Keep it in […]

5 Best Compass App for Android Users

Android Devices

Do you want to utilize compass applications on your device? You will need compass apps that use accelerometer of your device to detect directions. They need magnetic cases and calibration to deal with directions. These apps can do the best jobs during outdoor activities. See the 5 best compass apps for wholesale computer tablets. 1. Compass […]

6 Best Voicemail Apps for Android

cheap tablets wholesale

Voicemails may seem old, but these have an essential place in the current era. You can download voicemail apps and other apps on your device. With the use of voicemails, it is possible to make and receive messages. There is no need to worry about missed calls.  With this system, you can store voicemails on […]

What is Google Keep, and how it works?

Take advantage of “Google Keep.” It is a simple and easy note-taking app by Google. This app is available on the web and has mobile apps for iOS and android operating systems. Users can adjust reminders and extract text from images with optical character recognition. Moreover, it is possible to transcribe voice recordings. Its interface […]

How android 10 allows you to record screen with built-in features?

7 inch android tablet

Feel free to buy the 7 inch android tablet with an affordable price. An android 10 permits you to record screen with built-in features. Fortunately, android 10 is available with unique features to record screen. This feature is built-in for android 10 users. You can get this in beta versions of android 10. Remember, it can […]